Terrell Hogan President Wayne Hogan joins three local attorneys who will donate their time and resources to fight big government for the conservation of the St. Johns River. The group will represent and assist the St. Johns Riverkeeper to more effectively and strategically address issues when someone knowingly pollutes the St. Johns River and destroys the wetlands. Currently the Riverkeeper contends that JEA’s Buckman and Arlington East wastewater treatment facilities have pumped millions of gallons of raw sewage into the St. Johns River over a period of several years.

“This fight against pollution is not only about standing up to protect one of our community’s most precious natural resources, but also protecting the health and safety of First Coast residents,” said Wayne.

It’s no surprise Wayne has stepped up to lend his professional expertise. Wayne and his wife Pat have consistently supported the Riverkeeper’s efforts with countless hours, financial support as well as purchasing a motor for the Riverkeeper’s boat, helping to ensure the St. Johns River is protected for this and future generations.

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