Insurance Disputes

Insurance Lawyers Jacksonville FlWhen you are injured and have your property damaged in a car crash, home fire or other accident and another party is at fault, you depend on insurance companies to help cover costs associated with the accident. Dealing with an insurance company after an accident can be intimidating and difficult. Problems may arise when trying to collect — not only with the other party’s insurance company but also with your own.

The attorneys at Terrell Hogan are here to help our clients who are caught up in insurance disputes, investigating denied insurance claims and bad faith claims. Our attorneys have years of experience in handling personal injury and insurance bad faith Terrell Hogan understands the complexities involved with insurance disputes in Florida and has successfully helped clients take on large insurance companies, securing their rightfully owed benefits. Working with insurance companies is second nature to us. We know what to look for and the appropriate action to take when dealing with an insurer, whether your own or another person’s.

Whether you’re a physician or other professional who has been wrongfully denied disability benefits; a person whose health carrier refuses to pay for a needed medical procedure; or the beneficiary of a life insurance policy deprived of the benefits without justification, our personal injury attorneys at Terrell Hogan can help.

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