Fadi ChakourFadi Chakour, an attorney and medical doctor, is co-chairing the Stroke Litigation Group of the nation’s largest organization of trial attorneys, the American Association for Justice.

He was elected to the position last summer at the American Association for Justice’s annual convention. In his role, Chakour educates lawyers with the latest medical research about stroke treatment, organizes presentations from expert physicians and consults on stroke cases. He provides legal and medical knowledge to help them excel. “Everyone involved in the AAJ Stroke Litigation Group is excited about the unique perspective Fadi brings to cases involving stroke. Because of his medical and legal expertise, Fadi is able to see emerging issues before most other lawyers do,” said Terrell Hogan attorney, Matthew Sowell.

Fadi is currently planning a continuing legal education program that will be held in Boston next Summer that should make a big difference in the quality of legal representation for stroke victims nationwide.

Stroke Experts

Chakour and Sowell are nationally recognized experts in stroke injury. They are frequently called on for their expertise in stroke law. Sowell was the Stroke Litigation Group’s founding chairman.
The majority of Chakour’s law practice is dedicated to helping stroke victims who were injured by medical malpractice.

If you or a loved one suffered a stroke injury that may have been caused by medical malpractice, contact attorneys Fadi Chakour or Matt Sowell at (904) 722-2228.