In case of an auto accident, please keep this in your car with your insurance and registration information.

Avoid A Second Accident

Remain Calm. Stop safely. Turn emergency lights on. Watch for oncoming traffic.

Calls To Make

Call the police Call your insurance carrier.

Identify Witnesses

Be sure to ask witnesses for their
complete address and contact information.

Provide Contact Information

Exchange insurance and contact
information with the other driver.

Stick To The Facts

Let the facts speak for themselves.
Tell the investigating officer just what happened.

Take Photos

If your injuries permit, use your cell phone, camera
or digital camera to take photos of:

  1. All four sides of each vehicle.
  2. Close-up shots of damages areas.
  3. People, passengers and witnesses.
  4. License plates including witness vehicles.
  5. Skid marks and debris
  6. Vehicle interiors
  7. Entire Scene

This form can help with documentation at the scene of an accident.