wayne-hogan-2015Terrell Hogan attorney, Wayne Hogan, spoke with the Duval County School Board at a December board workshop.  He addressed the dangers of distracted driving. His message: There’s only one job behind the wheel, getting from Point A to Point B safely and we fail when our brains are distracted.

Calls and Texts Can Kill

Hogan showed that the risks of drunk driving and distracted driving are the same. He reported research finding that, when we’re on the phone and driving, our brains actually switch between the two tasks, resulting in tunnel vision and missing visual cues. The brain’s primary attention is paid to the call, not the driving.  He stressed that while the dangers of texting and driving are well-known, many don’t realize that calls – even hands-free calls – can kill.

Hogan has been talking to students for years; the firm’s End Distracted Driving Student Awareness Initiative focuses on ending dangerous behavior that puts drivers – and others sharing the road with them – at risk. The goal isn’t to tell kids what to do; the key is to give them the facts, and show them the faces of distracted driving and its tragic consequences.  That helps the message sink in so the students can make smarter choices to be safer on the road.

Why It’s Important

Hogan considers it an honor to be part of EndDD which was created by Joel and Dianne Feldman in memory of their daughter, Casey, who was killed by the negligence of a distracted driver.

Distracted Driving Awareness CampaignDuval County’s school system is one of the largest employers in the county and Hogan offered to work with the school board on policies for its personnel to follow.  In 2015, the City of Jacksonville adopted a comprehensive policy against distracted driving.

End Distracted DrivingThe Terrell Hogan Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign offers two complimentary distracted driving presentations: “For the Workforce” for businesses, civic groups and churches, and EndDD, for students.


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