While the word “Uber” is associated with getting home safely, a concern has come to light that Uber, Lyft and taxis may ignore or put off getting defects fixed after safety recalls.

A recent study by Cars.com found that you have a 40% chance when taking a taxi that the vehicle you are riding in is under recall for a safety defect. Those numbers can be higher for Uber or Lyft vehicles. There are millions of vehicles awaiting repair for Takata airbag inflators.

taxilogoWho is Legally Responsible?

Getting defects fixed after safety recalls is the responsibility of the owner/driver, however, both the driver and the taxi company, Uber or Lyft may be held liable for injury or death in a recalled but unrepaired car. If someone is going to make money off of driving people around, that person should see to it that their vehicle is safe.

What Can You Do?

Until regulations are in place to address this, make sure to:

At Terrell Hogan, we believe it is important to try to help prevent injuries and wrongful deaths. One way is to publish information about recalls of defective and dangerous products and to help make consumers aware of issues that may affect their safety.

Is the Cab, Uber or Lyft You’re Getting Into Unsafe?

Hazards for Hire: Recalls ignored by taxis, Uber and Lyft