Multiple Delta Air Lines Inc. flight attendants have sought legal representation from Terrell Hogan for claims against Lands’ End alleging the new Passport Plum uniforms it manufactured are toxic and making them sick.

Uniforms are Unsafe

Unveiled in May 2018, the purple uniforms – because of the chemical additives and finishes – were supposed to be wrinkle-free, stain-resistant, waterproof and fire retardant, according to Delta employees and information supplied by the airline.

NBC 10 Boston: New Delta Air Lines Uniform Causes Controversy

Our clients have all kinds of health problems stemming from reactions to chemicals in their uniforms: horrible rashes that resemble chemical burns, brain fog, difficulty breathing, blurred vision, hair loss, weakened immune systems and ear, nose and throat irritation, to name a few.

Our team is investigating the claims and will likely file lawsuits against Lands’ End in the near future. We will seek to certify the claims into a class action lawsuit. We are also investigating Georgia worker’s compensation claims against Delta Air Lines over its treatment of employees experiencing reactions to the new uniforms.

Uniforms are Dangerous

“The law protects against products that are dangerous, defective and such products are often recalled,” said attorney Wayne Hogan of Terrell Hogan. “The manufacturer must test these products and warn employees about the dangers associated with wearing them and is putting their health at risk.”

Independent testing found formaldehyde and heavy metals. Formaldehyde reduces fabric wrinkling and apart from being a known carcinogen, can cause skin, eye and respiratory symptoms.

The uniforms were issued to approximately 64,000 Delta employees nationally; 24,000 to flight attendants and the remainder to mostly gate agents.

Employees say that In March, Delta told some flight attendants if they did not want to wear the new uniform, they needed to request a disability job accommodation, with the option of getting short-term disability leave at two-thirds pay.

We Can Help

Delta employees experiencing a reaction to the new uniforms may contact attorney Bruce Maxwell for a free case evaluation.