This holiday season Terrell Hogan supported Florida Urgent Rescue.  Jenna Matejcek, our asbestos department’s legal assistant, has been a volunteer FUR foster parent for years and has fostered over 25 dogs with FUR including pregnant mamas and major medical cases.

FUR’s mission is to rescue animals in kill shelters and other urgent situations.  In their first 4 years of operation, FUR has rescued over 1,400 dogs and cats.  They spend almost three times as much on vet bills as they take in through adoption fees.  FUR takes on tough cases, including dogs who have been hit by cars, who have gunshot wounds, embedded collars, and other major medical problems.  They rescue seniors, pregnant mamas and mamas with litters.  Their “Save Our Strays” program has helped trap and recover more than 100 stray dogs in and around the Jacksonville area.  The FUR Urgent Transport Program helps in emergencies, including 6 hurricanes.  They also do non-emergency transports to relieve pressure on overcrowded shelters.  They’ve transported hundreds of dogs and cats to safety. 

The firm donated over $1,000.00 to Florida Urgent Rescue as well as boxes of much needed supplies.  FUR Founder and President Mike Merrill along with FUR Director Susan Jones came to Terrell Hogan, with just a few of their dogs, to accept the donations.

At Terrell Hogan, we are strongly committed to public service and believe that giving back to the community is an important part of our professional responsibility.