When a pedestrian walking home from church was hit from behind by a driver, apparently distracted by his cell phone, Action News Jacksonville looked to attorney Leslie A. Goller to provide her comments on whether Florida needs tougher laws against using hand-held devices while driving.

Florida is only one of a handful of states that does not have a law banning texting or hand-held phone use while driving. In the Action News story, Goller said Florida needs to both pass a law and increase public awareness to curb the distracted driving epidemic. Florida is behind the times.

To that end, she and other members of the firm have implemented an educational campaign that educates teen drivers about the dangers of distracted driving. It’s part of Terrell Hogan’s End Distracted Driving Student Awareness Initiative that is on-going. This initiative is being expanded to presentations to organizations, clubs, groups, and companies. With 5,000 lives tragically lost because of distracted drivers, the goal is to save lives by giving presentations that share the stark realities of taking a life by driving distracted.

The End Distracted Driving Student Awareness Initiative was created by the Casey Feldman Foundation in honor of her legacy after she was killed by a distracted driver as she walked across the street. To request an End Distracted Driving presentation, contact Leslie A. Goller at 632-2424 — or lgoller@terrellhogan.com.