NHTSA-testing-counterfeit-airbags-explosion-623x389As the number of vehicles included in the Takata defective airbag recall keep rising, consumers should be diligent about checking to make sure that their car is not included in this massive recall.

Recently over 4.4 million more vehicles were added bringing the number recalled to almost 78 million vehicles that are being recalled to replace the deadly and defective Takata air bags. Because the number of vehicles included in the recall keep rising, owners should continue to check NHTSA’s websites Recalls Spotlight: Takata Air Bags Recalls  or Safe Cars Save Lives – Check For Recalls to see if their vehicle has been recalled.

At Terrell Hogan, helping families recover from accidents and personal injury is what we do every day, but we know that it’s best to try to find ways to prevent injury and loss before they happen. So, until there’s a solution to this worrisome problem, Terrell Hogan will continue to repeat  infor­mation about Takata airbag recalls to help keep you informed and safe.

Takata Airbag Recall – Everything You Need to Know