A St. Johns County jury awarded Patricia Reiter, a 77-year-old female security guard, $171,000 plus attorney’s fees and costs for injuries and damages after a man drove his car into her at the entrance of a security gate, injuring her right knee.

On September 17, 2013, the man drove a Honda Civic into our client after she told him the gate at the residential complex – where she worked as a security guard and he lived – was closed. He then got out of the car, removed barricades placed in front of the gate, got back into his car and hit our client twice with his car, attempting to intimidate her to move out of the way as she stood in front of the security gate.

As a result of her injuries, Patricia suffered bursitis in her right knee that caused damage to a sensory nerve running down the same leg. She is in pain, limps and has difficulty walking. She can no longer work and has difficulty performing household duties and recreational activities.

Lowball Offer

State Farm, the driver’s insurance company, refused to make any offer so we filed the lawsuit. During the lawsuit we offered to settle the case for the driver’s insurance limits of $50,000, but State Farm refused so we took the case to trial where a jury compensated our client more than three times that amount, $171,000, for her injuries.

Expert Witness

During the trial, the defense argued that a previous meniscus tear to Patricia’s right knee from years prior caused her pain, limping and difficulty walking. Citing a pre-existing injury is a common defense that can make proving causation challenging. Her treating doctors proved her injuries were a direct result of being hit by the car.

Pedestrian accidents and hit-and-runs happen in Jacksonville every day and can range from minor inconveniences to major life-changing injuries. At Terrell Hogan, we represent the injured as they seek justice.