More cantaloupe recalls from Carol’s Cuts of Kansas recalls 594 pounds of fresh cut cantaloupe, due to Listeria concerns.

Previously Jensen Farms, of Holly, Colorado reported trouble stemming from their cantaloupe. Illnesses first began appearing on August 14, 2011, from people reporting to have consumed cantaloupe. To date, 55 people have fallen seriously ill from eating the tainted cantaloupe and eight have died. From the information reported, those who have fallen ill range from 35 years old to 96, with a median age of 78. Most with the illness are over 60 years of age, or have health conditions that weaken the immune system. Jensen Farms recently added whole cantaloupes shipped to Indiana, Louisiana and Wisconsin in its Sept. 14 recall notification.

This is the first Listeria outbreak in the U.S. linked to cantaloupe, however it is not the first time that cantaloupes have been in question.

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