Our Asbestos Team comprised of senior partners Anita Pryor and Alan Pickert are often asked if there are still people who are injured from asbestos or is this something that went away decades ago.  Sadly,  they will tell you that after 27 years of both doing asbestos cases, they still have a full caseload today of mesothelioma and lung cancer victims who were injured from breathing asbestos fibers.

Asbestos is Still Making People Sick

“Asbestos continues to make people sick,” says Alan Pickert. “People in the automotive industry dealing with brakes and clutch repairs, construction industry with sheet rock, joint compound, roofing shingles and floor tiles, served aboard ship in the United States Navy, or shipyard and power plant workers  were most likely exposed to asbestos prior to 1980.” After certain exposures to asbestos, it typically takes anywhere from twenty to sixty five years to manifest itself in terms of cancer.

Confirmation in the News

The recent article from CNN just confirms that we have been saying since the 1980s:  asbestos is a really hazardous material and it will continue to harm Florida and Georgia’s population for years to come.

Mesothelioma Asbestos Attorney Jacksonville FLThe Asbestos Team at Terrell Hogan in Jacksonville, Florida is dedicated exclusively to assisting asbestos victims and their families throughout the state of Florida and beyond.   If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer or mesothelioma within the past three years, you should contact us immediately to discuss your options.  Asbestos was in numerous products and you might not even realize you were exposed—we can help you.

Asbestos exposure is still making people sick